Monday, July 20, 2009

What Type Of Vitamins Are You Giving Your Kids?

As we all know by now, it is very important that our children get the right nutrients and so forth. One thing that’s always been recommended by physicians is giving your child vitamins. As I’ve stated before in previous posts I usually give my daughter the Flintstones vitamins. However some people disagree with doctors on that and usually do different things like just going completely organic and feeding their child mainly fruits, vegetables, and of the sort(which in my opinion is probably the best way, but also very time consuming). While others prefer to go herbal. Well I would like to hear from you! Do you give your children vitamins at all? Or do you disagree with the doctors, and opt not to give your child vitamins but use other sources?


  1. I give my kids the enfamil. It's great for iron.

  2. That enfamil is nothing my kids will take lol! They will eat the flintstones. I think that the herbal way is too much for kids.

  3. Ok see that enfamil with iron is like me trying to get my kid to eating veggies! lol I give my little one some the flintstones. BTW I just started the gummies one. Im not afraid anymore lmao

  4. Leave the supplements alone. Vegetables and prunes work just fine!

  5. Enfamil is really a bit much for kids! Flintstones Vitamins are way more tolerable. My kids usually gets an upset stomach from the enfamil. The iron is too much.

  6. Please don't take this wrong but do you guys know that there are other vitamins than flintstones? I just think the author of this site is saying she prefers flintstones. So do I btw. And don't knock the off the storebrand vitas they are pretty cool for the kids when your on a budget. @grandmaspeaks slow down with the prunes lol.


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