Monday, July 20, 2009

Too many shots!

As you all can see I saved this topic for last as it’s very controversial. Most doctors say that children should have all of their shots before starting school. Giving children their shots is a way to protect them from different diseases and so forth. However many people disagree with doctors giving so many shots to infants and kids period! Some people are trying to prove that giving children their shots at such an early age contributes to Autism. Some parents withhold their kids from having their shots and some doctors seem to disapprove greatly. So as usual I want to know your take on this as I will be very active in this conversation as well. Please remember to be respectful to others while stating your opinion.

As for me and my opinion I am one of those parents who thinks that there shouldn't be so many shots given to infants. I can remember taking my daughter to the doctor and I was so concerned that I eventually had the doctor to spread them out. Making sure not give my daughter too many shots at once. Although my daughter is caught up on her shots now, I still think that it’s just too much for babies and toddlers.


  1. I have never posted on this site but with this topic I can't overlook it. There are already numerous tests that link autism with the yearly shots given to infants, toddlers, and young children. I'm so glad that you asked the doctor to spread them out because like you said it's just too much!

  2. I do think that it has alot to do with it. I wish I would have done that for my kids. I didn't know that you can request you doctor to spead them out! Thanks for letting us know with tht heads up Tecolia.

  3. Good morning everyone!!! I'm all late but hey I'm here. lol @NMJones I see you late too!

  4. I really didn't know that neither!!! Wish I would have known. I remember onetime I was late with bringing my son in to get his shots, his doctor kind of scolded me and said its so important and they gave him what I think was too many shots, plus he had to catch up! It's just ughh. I was really fustrated.

  5. As someone who works in a hospital, I say that the shots given to kids are very important. It really does help prevent babies/kids from getting different diseases which may come thier way. Anyone who has linked it or claimed they have linked shots to Autism really has to have it patented. But for now the shots still stand and parents shouldn't be ddobed into believing they are harming your baby.

  6. Looks like nurse Shelley needs to learn how to spell the word duped! The shots that they give these kids now today is insane! Its too much. Great Job Tecolia for having them to spread out the shots. I did the same for my girls.

  7. @Shelley It makes perfect sense why you would say that it is a must. I just don't agree. Years ago kids didnt have it and they lived a very long goodhealthy life.

  8. LMAO.... 4 correcting Shelley's grammar lol.


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