Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music For The Baby

Goodmorning! Today I decided to start off with the topic Music For The Baby. For this topic I will be joining in on the discussion very heavily, so let's get to it! As we all know music is very powerful and influential. As your baby develops from an infant on up you can't help but to notice your child find his or hers own rhythm. However the type of music your child should listen to has been spoken on a few times. Like some random studies show that Classical Music can help stimulate your child's brain in very positive way, however R&B and Rap music doesn't necessarily get the thumbs up for music that you should be playing for your baby. In my opinion I think that your child should be subjected to all types of music, but monitored. There are somethings that I personally believe a baby should not be listening as some music is too explicit, whether it's in a Rap, R&B, Pop, or Rock 'n' Roll song. I guess what I'm trying to get at is why is "R&B Music" looked on as not being good music for your baby to listen to. I don't get it because if you look at all of the commercials, and even alot of the cartoons, they are heavily influenced with rhythm and blues music but alot of the times is stamped with the label "Pop Music". So what is your take on this?


  1. r&b music is considered "urban radio" which means black and you know they are not having it they always take credit for what we do.

  2. I noticed that. Sometimes people just ignore the facts but this is a truth because I just do not understand what the problem is with putting R&B as a good type of music.

  3. just a thought.......?July 14, 2009 at 2:42 PM

    I tried posting this before and it didnt go through. So I'm going to give it a go one more time. But Just maybe it's because of the booty shaking and poppin' breast all exposed videos that go along with the song. ALL of the r&b videos are like that! You dont see that with pop and so forth. And if you do its tastefully done. To address the "Anonymous" user. I am so sick and tired of black people using the race card. The question was why do you think it's not being used for kids. NOT about race. You always claiming somebody taking you guys stuff. Hello other races come up with things as well.

  4. It's truely amazing because you know that they use Tupac's music for the older classroom. I know they wouldn't suggest that for a baby, but like you sad the regular r&b music should be fine. Seeing how its in all of these cartoon movies for kids ya know.

  5. @just a thought.......?
    Why are you even up here talking foolish? ALL of the videos pop and rock and so forth show the same booty shaking to! In fact it's worse. Britney Spears shll I say no more. And yes r&B music is very influential so I think it should be put out there as a form of music that is used without being labeled as "pop"

  6. @just a thought.......? and notice how I just straight ignored your ignorance and racist statement. I did that for a reason.

  7. ok it's too early for me to be responding to someones nonsense but I will. @just a thought.......?
    1.) All of the r&b music videos are not the same. There are alot of classy videos from the r&b world. Hence the latest from maxwell, monica & keyshia cole just to name a few!

    2.) Black people have invented and done alot for america to only have it taken away from them not get recognition. Learn your history

    3.)I do think r&b music is influenced in alot of the kids movies. Therefore I think it should be thought upon as something you play for your children. Now rap music I can understand why most rap songs wouldn't be played but then again you have alot of rap being used in children movies, hence Will Smith's movie Shark Tale and the emphamis Madagascar!

  8. Two words...Kidz Bop!

  9. @just a thought.......? I am white, not sure what race your are, but even I can see that the statement you made was racist and totally uncalled for. This is a site for us mothers to come together so let's be positive and if you can't help yourself and must speak stupidly just leave idioc type of comments to the other sites shall we. Thanks! To answer the question my take on this is yes why not as the previous person said before me they use r&b and rap all of the time. They always switch it to "pop" because obviously they are a little racist.

  10. @just a thought.......?
    What makes you say that when the pop world does it it's tastefully done, Paris, Britney, Lidnsey Lohan????? You call that tasteful?

  11. @just a thought.......? ummmmmm yeah!

    I think the reason they do consider it as pop is because they are trying to get a broader audience and in their minds r&b won't do that. Which is crazy because that's actually dominating music period!Btw pop tastefully done lmao!


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