Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jamiee's Story

"Hi my name is Jamiee and I have to say that I am becoming very addicted to your blog! Lol Anyway here’s my story. My daughter Alana is three years old and I am trying my best to get her to become fully potty trained. So far she has been getting the notion of “I have to go to the potty.” She goes but when we are in public she is terrified! I can’t even attempt to get her to go to the bathroom. No matter how much I try to calm her down it’s like No Way! Lol So I was just wondering if you or any of your readers had any advice on potty time outside of the home? Thanks!

Hello Jamiee! Thanks for the compliment of my site and for sending in a question! For starters it is very normal for children to be more comfortable in the home rather than in public. You didn’t state whether your daughter was comfortable using the big toilet at home either so I’ll start it off this way by saying try to get Alana use to the big toilet at home first before using the toilets elsewhere. If Alana is not use to using the big toilet don’t force her as that will only set her back and you obviously don’t want to do that. Alana will eventually start using the big toilet and it’ll come naturally to her.
However if Alana is already comfortable with using the big toilet at home then I would suggest you to buy a portable potty seat for when you leave the home to use on the big toilets out side of the home. Try singing songs, holding her while she is using the potty, and just try to make it as interesting as possible for her ok. I hope this helped and please feel free to write in anytime with a question, or even just to say hello!

Disclaimer: Please remember that these are my opinions only and I am in no way fashion or form a professionally trained doctor/psychiatrist etc. If you choose to take my advice you are doing so on your own accord.


  1. Just came across this blog thought I give a shot. I have to say I'm liking what I see already. @Jamiee the advice given to you should work. Singing songs with my son always helped him to get comfortable out in the public. You could also try rewarding your daughter everytime she does go to the bathroom while not at home

  2. I agree making it fun for them is the best thing. Makes it so much easier I think.


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