Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Features

For those of you who have been frequent readers of my site you may have realized the recent changes and added features. I encourage you all to browse through the site and use them. There is everything from a Personal Calorie Counter, to a Beautiful Web Cam with Scenaries from around the world, and also a new feature for you to be able to join Babiee Babiee' for free and more! Enjoy :)


  1. Oh Yeah! I noticed that lastnight when I replied back to granny. I see you put rules since grannies outburst lol glad ya did that! You movin on up! lol I like it, its good! Keep it up! I also like the The family pic thats a good look. My fav feature is the secenary cam thats awesome and the calorie counter Im gonna have to use that daily lol!

  2. The new features are really nice I agree. @NMJones you and granny was going back and forth wasn't ya'll lol. And I will be using that cal. counter too...faithfully

  3. GrandmaspeaksagainJuly 9, 2009 at 6:37 PM

    I had a comment but its now erased guess that means Im banned. I'm sorry didn't mean to judge you sweetie. One of your readers was being a pest! I love your sight and really would like to join.

  4. I conquer with everybody previously said. I like the calorie caounter I used it today. hehe

  5. @Granny I wasn't a pest. I spoke my opinion! Something that you did as well. The difference is I didn't put anyone down as urself! I'm now officially done arguing with you goodness!!!

  6. lisa22(Is now engaged)July 11, 2009 at 11:02 AM

    Ok I need to look for the post where the argument started cause Im nosy lol. As for the features they are really nice when you guys mentioned the calorie counter I had to track back and look for it. As fo the web cam where's that at? I gotta look for it!


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