Thursday, July 23, 2009

Discovery Museum/Please Touch

If you have ever been to the Discovery Museum, or in some states The Please Touch Museum as soon as you step in you automatically know it’s a world for the kids! As the seats, to the golf course, the restaurant, even the theater and basketball court is customized to the children. The parents just have to get in where they fit in! I took my daughter there for her birthday, she loved it, and so did I! Even though it’s not exactly a Family Fun Getaway I felt this is a great place to take your kids, and the whole family can enjoy. It’s even affordable, admission is only $10 dollars, and at the beginning of every month if you are a Bank Of America customer admission is totally free! So to check it out just click on Discovery Museum and Bank Of America for more details! Even though this discovery museum link directs you to the NJ's Discovery Museum, I wanted to let you know that almost every state has one! Just google it and you should find it.


  1. Yeah this is a pretty good place to take your kids. My son loved it so much he didn't want to leave.

  2. This is a great place! Im in San Jose and my kids love it we go almost every month.

  3. I have never been there before, but everyone says this is the place to go. So I'm going to make it a priority especially since its so cheap!

  4. I am a Bank Of America customer. I seen the post and didn't know this was an offer..... I called and they said yes they offer this and more free stuff too................ Wish I would have known this sooner! Thanks for the scoop tecolia!

  5. I'm not too sure if Bank of America does that you might have got that mixed. You might want to check that.

  6. @Grandmaspeaks Bank Of America does do it! I actually use it all of the time : )


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