Thursday, July 23, 2009

60 Year Pregnancy!

Most mothers are ready to give birth to their baby before the nineth month gets here! Usually being very anxious for the baby to arrive, but in this weird news here is a story of a woman who gave birth to a stone baby! It's really rare but has happened in life before over 200 hundred times. This is just amazing! You can check out the whole story here!


  1. Oh no! WOooooo.... looks and seems painful :(

  2. Seems painful lol it has to be!!!!!!!!!! It seems nasty as well! I'd rather just take it out! Save the money up for it or something.

  3. Scary, Nasty, Ewww and ewww LMAO

  4. This is something that happens in life girls so don't be like that it comes off childish to some.

  5. @NMJones lol I agree thats just too much for me! I'd be done saved up some money to take that out too! lol The light bills or something would have to wait!!! lol


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