Monday, July 27, 2009

Tantrums Again!

Even though we have touched this subject once before we didn’t really go into it thoroughly. Tantrums are a part of a toddlers make up! You may see yourself constantly telling your child "Your gonna have time out if you don’t stop your tantrum," or "You are not allowed to have this toy if you keep it up!" My daughter can sometimes seem like the queen of tantrums, however I have noticed that she is beginning to understand that this phase isn’t right. When I point out to her that her having a tantrum is going to get a favorite toy or movie time taken away for the day she automatically stops! My daughter loves to be rewarded as all children do even if it's just her telling her that she did an awesome job! Or that she is a good girl! How are some of the ways that you deal with your child and their tantrums? Are the tantrums getting even better or worse? Let’s chat!


  1. Tantrums are 100% full force in my house!!!! I can't wait untl my two youngest ones get out of this stage. I usually do the samethings you mentioned Tecolia because I feel thats the only way they ARE going to learn.

  2. Yeah tatrums are the rave in my house too. I used to think my kids aren't gonna be havin no tantrums. Now I know no matter how strict you are ain't no way of gettin outta that!

  3. For me these tantrums are becoming embarrasing! My daughter will scream and holler to the point that people think I'm doing something to her. It's like I love my daughter and I'm not hurting her at all shes just having a tantrum. I had a really bad experience once with people accusing cause she was having a tantrum. Thank God for cameras.... Now I'm feeling it and about to cry.


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