Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rewarding Your Child

As we all know people respond better to being rewarded or congratulated than to constantly being criticized. The same goes for children of all ages 0+. So when your child has done something whether it’s helping you to clean up, cook, or whatever the case may be. Even if they’re actually making a bigger mess try rewarding your child for the simple fact that their heart is in the right place. Doing that encourages them to push further in life. You’ll be surprised how that little encouragement will go a long ways!


  1. So true Tecolia because when I reward my kids they sure do respond better! They start dancing and everything haha!

  2. Yes it's true people do respond to being praised than criticized but sometimes I think it might not be healthy at all because in life they are not always going to be praised.

  3. Rewarding is great for everyone. Think about though. When your boss at work rewards you for your hard work and efforts you respond better than if your boss was to ignore your hard work. So the same goes for kids. It makes sense!

  4. @lisa22 My thoughts exactly.


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