Thursday, July 9, 2009

Healthy Baby

We all know that having a healthy baby is important. Daily exercise is a must even if your baby is one of the most active babies in the world. Doctors say that at least 15-30 minutes of exercise a day is a must. Along with the right amount of daily fruits and vegetables. I know how difficult it is to get children to eat healthy. So here are some things that I do that might help you as well. Like buying mixed vegetables and put just a little sugar on it. Another thing I usually do is mix fruits in her favorite foods. Like my daughter loves pancakes so I'll usually mix blueberries or strawberries in the batter before I cook it. I also usually give my daughter the Flintstones chewable or gummy vitamins daily. I also try to get her exercise in by playing her favorite songs and we dance to them, or have some outdoor fun and play ball or any type of high cardio activity with her. Those are just some of the things that I do. I would love to hear some of you guys stories and what you do so feel free to share what you do.


  1. Oh I definitely have to try the mixed veggies with sugar. I try to get my little one to eat it but its such a hassle! lol So I will be trying thanks for the tip!

  2. Yup that's a great trick,the mixing sugar in the vegatables, because I can tell you right now my daughter loves it and doesn't mind. My son however hes so observative so I had to bribe him. Once he realized they were sweet he now eats them with no problem!

  3. Ok I gotta try mixing the fruit in the pancakes. I might try that one for myself haha! I'm getting hungraaay! I have a sugestion too that I do which is mixing fruit in my kids favorite drinks. I usually blend it up with a some sweetner. That seems to work to.

  4. @NMJones everytime I read your coments. I start laughing. lol Girl you are a trip. But anyway I do give my son the flintstone vitamins. We havent tried the gummie kind yet. I'm too scared too:(


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