Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Child Daycare

Most parents can't really afford to be a stay at home mother, even though they may really want to. So the hunt for a babysitter or daycare center comes into play! As some parents are fortunate enough to have someone they really trust like family, friends, or whomever to watch their little ones. Others just don't have that option available. Finding a good daycare center is alot of time and can be very expensive! I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with my daughter and work! However I did look at a few possible preschools that I was interested in sending my daughter to so that she can continue to interact with kids when we aren't in our mommy group and to also be prepare her for that classroom feel. One school that I came to be very impressed with is The Goddard School. The Goddard school actually starts from 0 months and up! How about you? Are you ready to put your child in daycare or preschool? Have you found one that is good for your child? Or have you figured out other means? Let's discuss it! To check out The Goddard School Click Here!


  1. I never heard of the goddad school, but it looks nice.

  2. Hey where did my comment go?

  3. The Goddard School is great:)

  4. If t first you don't succeed try try try again! LOL I like the Goddard School! It's expensive though.

  5. Goddard school huh? I've heard mixed reviews. Some say its great. Some say it was a total waste.

  6. My niece is in the Goddard school and sometimes I just don't think they pay attention to the kids like they should.

  7. @Nicole My son is in the Goddard School and he loves it! The teachers are very nice and the classrooms are very clean. They are teaching my son pretty good. I think it just might be the that certain ones are that way.


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