Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your One Year Old Said What... F@#!?

A few months ago while in the park with my daughter. I overheard a little boy use profanity with a male passer by. He called him a B$@#!, the man replied "How old are you and where are your parents?" The boy stated that he was 5 and continued to use profanity as his younger brother possibly no older than 2yrs. old witnessed and repeated what was said. The young boys mother practically congratulated him on speaking this way and cursed the poor man for even speaking on it.
It amazes me how some people teach their kids so much negativity as if that's cute. A 2yr. or 3 yr. old cursing is not cute nor funny. Yes they may be learning, but what they are learning it's not positive at all! Teaching a child to disrespect others and themselves in the process is only leading that child in the wrong direction. What are your takes on situations like these? Please be honest and respectful of others. Thanks!


  1. This type of stuff saddens me. I see this too often and the parents now today think its funny and cute. The young boys arent going to respect the young ladies at this route!!!

  2. Ok thats insane. Why would a mother do that. And you know what I have seen this happen once or twice. Just not right at all.

  3. I still can't get over this... I remember onetime a goup of young boys were doing the samething... being very rude, parents huh well they said NOTHING!!!! Didn't even care. Come on now people. It's 2009 and it's ime to change!

  4. ooooooo!!! I can't stand it when I see little ones wit potty mouths. That gets under my skin in the worse way. I just don't get it. This is too much for little kids to be saying and doing. The respect just keeps going out of the window year by year!

  5. haha no way!!!! I wish my child did anything like that. They would have timeouts for life!!! lol (exaggeration) but they probably would not be playing with toy or anything for the rest of that day! No treats no nothing.


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