Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Fun... (Different Places)

This our Brand New segment called Family Fun! Where every week I will submit a new family fun activity and place where you can enjoy as a family! Today's family fun place is PA's Dutch Country! They have everything from nice lodging, museums, farmer's market, beautiful sites, to a place for the kiddies. Dutch Wonderland as stated:(A Kingdom For Kids!) Have any fun places and ideas? Submit them here!


  1. This is Marie! You haven't posted since thursday. What's going on :(

  2. Your site is moving slow today for some reason... but over here in jersey our nbc news station brodcast that as a place to go on after you did this friday as well! How cool... I will surely check it out! They said its free parking cant beat that!

  3. haha thought the same thing .. just wondering why she stopped posting! We miss u :(


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