Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Discrimination on Stay At Home Mothers?

While most mothers enjoy being a stay at home mom, they are also often discriminated for being a stay at home mom in more ways than one. Mainly regarding their return into the working world. Former stay at home mothers are either paid an unfair wage or just doesn't get the job at all! Not to mention some of the negative talk from people who realize that they are a stay at home mom. People often think that stay at home moms aren't educated and so forth. Which is definitely NOT TRUE! If you are a stay at home mom or a former stay at home mom. I would advise you to click this link Fair Pay Restoration Act and educate yourself on this. I encourage all moms to do so it's for your own benefit!


  1. There's alot of that going on. It's like everytime you even dare to open your mouth to say I'm a homemaker EVERYONE discriminates!!! This is so annoying.

  2. Oh yes there is! It's unbelieveably and disgraceful how its like that. Its so funny because back in the day MAJORITY of the wives etc were stay at home mothers with a fancy cover up name housewife, homemaker etc...


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