Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Children TV

As you all know Nickelodeon as well as other stations are always coming up with new shows for kids! Today I wanted to talk about Nickelodeon's new show called the Fresh Beat Band. The Fresh Beat Band consist of four band members, Shout, Twist, Marina, and Kiki. They talk/sing about friendship, love, manners, etc... And they have a very good message behind every show! I personally think this show is perfect for kids of different age ranges. My daughter just loves this show as she knows almost all of the words to their songs. But as usual I would like to know all of you guys take on the show. Do you like it? Or not like it? All opinions are welcome just remember to be respectful of each other! :) To check them out click on The Fresh Beat Band Enjoy!


  1. We had a great day a very blessed day! To spend sometime together!!! Laaaa La La La La La..... Of Course!!!!! I love the fresh beat band (even if they are a little cheesy) :) Thats ME and MY KIDS SHOW!!! LOL

  2. Yup! tis is a household fav for us too! We jam to loco legs. lmao I do know that somewhere deep down inside I am way to old to be into this lol, but hey my kids love it and so do I. Thumbs up n this one!

  3. Yes I like loco legs too!!! ;-o

  4. I got I got I got I got.... U got u got u got u got... We got we got we got we got LMAO

  5. The fresh beat band keeps playing the same ones over and over bu I luv em.


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