Monday, August 10, 2009

Daddy's Time

Children love quality time that is spent with them by their parents. However now today most fathers are absent from the child's life or want to spend time with their child for all of the wrong reasons. For the respectable, genuine, loving father's out there who chose to be a part of their childs life I commend you! I also would like to know what are somethings you do when you're spending quality time with your son/daughter?


  1. Hey you're back in business I see! I just took a chance and first thing I see is daddys time! I usually try to mke sure me and my son go to the park everyday because I know it's good for kids to be outdoors, and he has lots of fun as well.

  2. Yeh the parks ae great for me and my kids too but we also go to basketball court. My boys love the playing ball. With my daughter its just mainly the park.

  3. Oh Tecolia... I know your looking out for the fathers since they were being a big pain in the butt!!! lol But do you have to include them their are daddy sites... Fathers move to that site please this is for the mommies ok lol.

  4. @NMJones I agree lol!

  5. Awww come on guys its ok to have daddy's time ;) I guess Im in the minority here.

  6. @NMJones agreed!!!!

    @Angel yes you are:) LOL


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