Monday, July 6, 2009

Tips on how to manage with a very active baby!

Ok everybody we are back in business and picking up right where we left off with more topics inbetween tips!

Tip number 2:

Let Your Baby Have Some Of His/Her Own Me time!
Letting your baby have some me time to their self with monitoring is great! It let’s your baby become independent and express themselves individually! While your child is having me time, it gives you the opportunity to get little things done around the house or relax a little while monitoring your child as they have their me time.


  1. This actually is a VERY VERY diffuclt thing for me. My son never wants to be alone to have any me time, and I know for a fact that e needs it his doctor and I have discussed this as well. Any advice from someone PLEAAASSSEEEE?

  2. Yes me time does help. I think it maily helps the parents as we can do somethings like you said.

  3. To @Alexia what you should do is find something that interest your baby and while thats happening just slip into the other room kitchen or wherever. At first it may only work for a split second but just keep on trying it! It'll work that waht I used to do with my daughter and a couple of weeks later sometimes she would kind of go off on her own. Just make sure your close enough to monitor you know! I hope his helped. Good luck! :)


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