Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tips on how to manage with a very active baby!

If your child is anything like my daughter one they are very curious and two they are very active! Those two ingredients combined equal a recipe for "you've got alot on your hands!" From pulling things off the shelves to running around the house continually (as if that's a must)to just getting into anything they can get their hands on. From your makeup, to lotion, to the kitchen cabinets. You name it they want in it! Well here are just a few tips that I have been able to use, which I'm sure you've heard before. It doesn't hurt to hear them again so here they go!

Tip One:

1.) Get Your Baby More Active

As crazy as this might sound getting your baby even more active really helps! Like taking them outdoors to the park, or doing something to stimulate their minds, or just having fun in the sun for at least an hour or so. As outdoor fun is very important for a child. This may also tire them out for a little and may have them wind down for a bit after their outdoor play. So make sure they get that daily time outside!


  1. Ok this thing is not letting me post!

  2. Oh ok there we go! But what I was tryng to say is that I take my daughter to the park everyday! Because if I don't it's gonna be a doosie!

  3. Oh yeah me too! My kids have to have some type of activity outside. If they don't they are a trip in a half. I think it's just healthy for the kiddies to be out and about ya know!

  4. Why is that? lol It seems like they shouldnt need more activity at all! My son gets ughh he gets crazy with more activity can't wait for the rest of the tips!

  5. Activity, activity, and more activity is the key! Yes it is lol.

  6. Oh ok ... I'm waiting for the rest of the tips (sits patiently) lol


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