Monday, July 13, 2009

Tip 5: How To Manage With A Very Active Baby

Tip 5: Quality Time

I know as a parent you may feel like your spending a lot of time with your child already, but try spending that little extra special quality time with your baby! By doing so gives your little one a sense of care, maturity, peace, and much more. When you help your child do something that makes them have that feeling of being all grown up, like baking cupcakes together, letting them actually mix the batter, and have lots of say on what the design of the treats should look like. This gives them a little independency! So continue to shower your baby with as much hugs, kisses, love and time!


  1. awww man do I have to lol! I needa a break from my brats.

  2. Goode its finaaaally letting me post. I couldn't all day! Thought I was banned or something. lol But yeah children do need that time. Most kids now today are missing that greatly.


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