Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Hygiene's

You just finished baking a nice batch of cookies and you sit them at them table for your little ones to eat. They grab one, and a few seconds later it falls on the floor. Your child's first instinct is to pick it up and put it right back into his or hers mouth to eat it! Every child has that notion from time to time. My daughter is still in that phase as we speak! Teaching them how to not eat things off the floor may seem like a difficult repetitive task of telling them no, but repetition is something that is required. By the time you know it they will know not to eat things off of the floor. How about you out there? What are the creative ways that you teach your children how not to eat food off of the floor?


  1. Is it ever! LOL and thats when they start to throw tantrums!lol I hae that problem the most with my son. My daughter does it too but my son is the king in eating off of the floor! I usually have to give him a time out until he calms down.... just so I can give him another cookie, which he ends up throwing it on the floor! LOL smh

  2. @NMJones thats crazy funny!lol My son likes to eat stuff right off the floor too. He's getting a little better cause when he realizes there is hair on the food he says eeeel. Other than that he will still eat it.

  3. This part has always just been amazing to me as to why kids do this lol Im sure I did it when I was younger too but it makes me laugh and wonder why. I usually jus calmly tell my daughter sweetie you can't do eat that its nasty... and yes girlfriend has a tentrum big time. lol


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