Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bilingual Baby

Did you know the best time to teach a child a new language is in his or hers first five years or so? At those ages they are way more receptive and a new language can easily become apart of their vocabulary. There are lots of ways and avenues to go about teaching your child new languages. It can also be great for you, as you will be learning a new language yourself! I would suggest you start with your google search engine to browse for programs that you can purchase to teach you a different language and start learning. Or you can go to comcast on demand (if available in your area) click on the kids section, then go to baby boost, then select the bilingual baby section. They offer so many languages from Dutch, to French, Spanish, and more. Best of all it's totally 100% FREE if you are already or become a comcast subscriber! Just go to Comcast On Demand.


  1. I remember when you put up baby boost before n I tried it. I must say its pretty good! I like it alot. Im recommending it to everybody!

  2. I know I remember that too! It was so good that this was posted. Now I'm using it constantly! ;)


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