Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your Child's Not Like Mines

Question: Hi my name is Anne and I have a bright 3yr old son. However somethings he's excelled great in like he walked earlier than than the norm, and is doing pretty good with the potty as well as other things! However my sister has a 3yr old son as well (He's about 5 months older than my son). But as I was saying they get compared to alot as her son is excelling in alot of things and lacking in others as well. Her son is beginning to read as my son is still on his first few words. Sometimes it makes me feel as if they are putting me and my son down. Do you have any advice as to where I might be going wrong or ways to improve?

Anne Moore, Austin Texas

Hello Anne,

First off I would like to say NEVER COMPARE CHILDREN AS THEY ARE ALL different! Most people now today are quick to say I'm different! Or everybody is not the same, and how boring of a world it would be if we were! News flash the same applies to your baby. Most parents may see their child excel in certain things and lack in another, which they may see another child excel in. Doesn't mean your child isn't up to par or that your child is above the rest. It simply means that children learn and grow at their own pace.
Studies show that within the first 5yrs. of your childs development is when it's most critical for them to learn. As that's when your baby can pick up things the easiest! A childs brain development is basically through activity. So make sure to get your child active, like riding his/her bike, reading a book, dancing, or even just experiencing everyday life outside at the park or the beach etc. Those skills which are consistently being used will be strengthened as time goes by, while those that are used less frequently may dissipate. My advice to you is one be patient and two take the time to teach your kids positive things as they explore life. Just because your child isn't doing something now doesn't mean he or she won't! Don't push your child to do things that he or she may not be ready for as that only discourages them. If you feel that you and your son are being put down I would also advise you to address the situation. As that is only negativity which is not needed for you or for your child. Hope this helps! :)


  1. I understand what anne is saying. Sometimes people like to compare kids and your left feeling like you did something wrong. I do take my daughter out to the park everysingle day. I try to get her involved in different things and don't push her to do anything she doesnt want to.

  2. Oh wow! I have to agree! How do I submit a story?


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