Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your Baby Can Read!

Today I thought it would be nice to look at the product Your Baby Can Read.
This baby product claims to have your child reading at a very early age. With the use of this early language development system your baby is supposed to develop increased communication skills, have an enhanced learning ability, greater confidence, and much more! Right now they are offering a 30-day trial risk free for $14.95! After that you would have three easy payments of $66.65, or you have the option of just paying the full price up front which totals out to be $199.95. Which saves you the $14.95 trial fee. So my question to you is have you or anyone you know used this product? What were the results? Do you even think that it's worth the price tag? In my opinion I think its a great product with a very good price for all that it offers and what actually comes with it! If you haven't heard of it or want to purchase it, you can do so by clicking right here ---> Your Baby Can Read!


  1. I haven't used this yet but some ppl say its good. I wouldn't pay that much for this lol noo way.

  2. Hey where did my comment from this afternoon go at? smh

  3. @ NMJones I think that has to do with the site not the publisher.

  4. I actually have purchased this and I think its grea! and aslo to NMJones ... Hey Girl!!! I called you. Thnx fo referring me to this site! loves it. : )


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