Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tantrums are definitely apart of a 1yr., 2yr., and 3yr. olds world. My daughters tantrums began at the end of 1yrs. old and are still going strong! One day while grocery shopping my daughter decided she wanted me to buy a box of care bear candy that was on the shelf. My daughter picked the box up and everything. I repeatedly told her "No, not right now mommy will buy you some later." The tantrum began! I found myself walking out of the store and sitting in the car with her until the tantrum ended. I've been trying different tactics to reduce the tantrums. Which thankfully have seemed to work. Time Out has been frequently used in our house. Also taking away her favorite item until the tantrum has subsided. What are some of your tantrum stories and the way that you deal with your babies tantrums?


  1. Time outs don't work for my son! He thinks time out is still fun time!!!

  2. Time outs work for my daughter as well... however eveytime I take something awa it seems like she just gets out of control to the point of no return.


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