Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Beginnings

You've been diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia and Hypertension. Words that a mother to be does not want to hear. Unfortunately well into my pregnancy I heard those exact words. I had no clue as to what Pre-eclampsia and Hypertension was, or even what symptoms to look for. That is until I did my research. I found that Pre-eclampsia occurs in more than 10% of pregnancies, usually around the second or third trimester. To find out that the only cure for Pre-eclampsia and Hypertension is to deliver your baby by having a Caesarean Section or by inducing labor. There are numerous of cases where the new born, the mother, or in some cases both don't make it.

Even though I was induced two weeks before my due date, fortunately I was blessed to have given birth to a wonderful baby girl. Since then I have started my own foundation which is in it's beginning stages. All of that to say I would love to hear from you. Do you have any stories of being diagnosed or know anyone who has been diagnosed? Are you apart of or want to be apart of a Pre-eclamsia awareness or survivor group? Please share!


  1. Ooops! Sorry I posted in the wrong section... but here is what I was trying to say on the topic: My cousin had that. Extra swelling is also known to come with preeclampsia. My cousin was so swollen that she looked like if you stuck her with a pin she would just pop!

  2. I'm only four months pregnant and have been diagnosed with preeclampsia. I am so terrified I don't really understand this at all.

  3. Never heard of it but will do my research.

  4. Glad you spoke on this so many mothers and mothers to be just don't know about this at all! And its a shame because this is a serious disease with no cure!!!!

  5. lol @NMJones. I pretty sure cousin felt like she wanted to pop.

  6. I am proud to say that I am a survior of pre-eclampsia and hypertension. And that I have a beautiful 3yr old son. I also agree with speakinout2day : )

  7. I am a survior! With a 1yr. old who survived as well. 6 pounds 10ounces


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