Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mommy Needs A Makeover and Vacation...

The lifestyle of a stay at home mom, and just mothers period can be very hectic and demanding. Everyday whether you have a spouse or not, when children are sick its that little voice coming from the room "mommy I don't feel well," or "mommy I have an owee," or just "mommy." Mommy usually makes the breakfast, the lunch, and the dinner. And at the end of the day mommy is usually the one cleaning up the mess that the little ones have made. After all of the caring for the spouse, children, etc. When does mommy have time for herself? It's usually that little portion of the night when everyone's asleep, but then your too tired to even enjoy your me time. So then you find yourself just going to sleep and the next day begins with the same cycle. I've been there all to well with trying to find that time just for me. Everyone's way of finding me time is different, but I would like to know how you guys get some mommy time. So how do you get your mommy time? Or do you get mommy time at all?


  1. Mommy Time! I wish!!!!!!lol I needa start makin mommy time asap

  2. I wish I could get a vacation. My husband and I are trying to take a two week vacation in june 2010. We are so looking forward to it! can't wait.

  3. my mommy time is usually during my childrens nap. I ave a 1, 3, and 5yr. old. so my hands stay pretty full. at night like you said im too tired to do anything. @joyce 2010 is a pretty long time why so long? my husband and i usually take one every summer just the two of us fo a week or so. us mothers need that vacation every year.

  4. @emily my husband and I can't really afford to go on vaation right now so we are saving up for one.


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