Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Boost

I know that if your like me trying to find something for your child to watch on tv that is age appropiate can sometimes be a challenge. As all cartoons are not necessarily toddler friendly, but targeted to reach the older kids. Well one day I was going through Comcast's On Demand programs, I came across a series called Baby Boost in the kids section. As I went through it I realized that it was very educational and toddler friendly. The age ranges for Baby Boost is actually 0 to 5yrs. old. Baby Boost offers a variety of things from nursery rhymes, to abc's, colors & shapes, vocabulary, and even a variety of different languages! I think this is a great feature from comcast. My daughter loves it, and the best part about it is that she's having fun while learning at the same time! By the way if you are a comcast subscriber this whole feature is 100% FREE! To check it out click here---> Baby Boost


  1. I do use this comcast feature with my grandkids all of the time. You're right, it's a great tool. They love it as well.

  2. Never used it before but I'll try it ot sometime! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. how did you get r site together and these add thingys on your site? Mines isnt working.


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